I am starting this blog to chronicle Joel and my journey moving to Detroit. It has been a fantasy of mine since I was a kid to live here and it is exciting for it to be a reality now. While we have technically been living down here for over a month now, I figured it was better to start this now than never doing it at all. It will be fun to look back and remember all the bumps in the road and small victories of our adventure.

We are currently living in a loft apartment. It used to be an old Hudson’s warehouse and is complete with soaring ceilings, large windows, exposed brick, wood floors, loud neighbors, and terrible management. When we moved in we were greeted by a broken elevator. Once inside we found the previous tenant’s leftovers (including a crusty old mattress set and underwear on the floor) had never been removed. The walls had never been painted and everything was still filthy. I don’t know if you remember that whole pet coke fiasco from a few months ago? (No thanks to the Koch brothers and Detroit’s own scum bag, Matty Moroun.) Well it turns out that giant pile was right behind our building and management had left the window open to our unit the entire time. There was a thin coating of black all over everything. You could feel it on everything you touched. I had to scrub the floors on my hands and knees three times before they started to feel even remotely clean. Needless to say, all of this was not what i had hoped for at the end of a tiring day of moving. Once we had everything up to the apartment the combination of hunger, exhaustion, frustration, and disappointment was too much and I had myself a little breakdown. A beer and the promise of Mexicantown pulled me through though.

While things didn’t go exactly to plan on move-in day, it is still good to be down here though. We have downtown to the east, Corktown to the north, Mexicantown to the west and the river directly to our south. I get to wake up to the spectacular view of the sun rising behind the skyline of downtown and during the day I watch the freighters slowly cruise along the river. We are also surrounded by many of our favorite restaurants in the city. Between Slows, Mudgies, Park Bar, and Los Galane’s we are going to be fat and broke by the time we move out of here. We know this is only temporary though and want to make the most of it while we can.

This is just the start of our story here. Once in the apartment we still didn’t know for sure where we we’re going to go from there. It didn’t even matter though, it was just awesome to finally be here, living in Detroit.